A Day in Mariposa’s Office: Auld Lang Saurus

Happy New Year, dino-mites!

How was your Christmas? Thank you all for signing my Christmas petition. I mailed it to Santa and we was so shocked by all the people I bribed with my cuteness, that he gave me the biggest lump of writer’s blocks I’ve ever seen!*

Despite my Christmas disappointment, I had a great New Year’s Eve. Me and Mariposa stayed up till 2:00 a.m., watching movies, eating junk, and squirting icing all over the kitchen for our annual gingerbread house decorating competition.

And the expert artisan that I am, I won of course. We were competing against who could make the ugliest and I’m better at making a mess than anybody. I even thought about offering my services for it once.

Looking Back

This year has been T. Rexiffic. I may not have accomplished all my goals, or ate as many books as I would’ve liked, but I wouldn’t change how this year turned out for anything. Sure, my year wasn’t perfect, but neither am I, so my imperfectness plus 2019’s imperfectness helped perfect me, and that’s what matters, right? Besides, Mariposa and I had a lot of adventures. We…

Redesigned my blog (don’t ask how many times we argued about the color scheme) and started the Storytelling According to Pixar series.

Found our first four-leaf clover…and I lost it.

Learned how to bicycle with our eyes closed and do an epic crash.

Rewrite her time travel novel.

Go to our very first Story Embers retreat.

Attend our first writer’s conference where I pretended to be a dragon (it didn’t go well).

Celebrated our first year of Dino’s Digest (I can’t wait for year two!).

Released her first children’s book.

Become the new Public Relations Director at Story Embers (just because you don’t see my name under Mariposa’s doesn’t mean I’m not part of the team. I’m…I’m the very unofficial official mascot, they just don’t know it yet).

Wrote the nutcracker retelling in two months.

Went to Disney World and ignored life.

Looking Ahead

Since the past can be distracting (according to Edna Mode), I’m started to look at my future. Mariposa’s future. Our future as author and assistant. And I see…nothing because I don’t have a crystal ball, and if I did, I wouldn’t use it because I would probably accidentally drop it and break it. But if I could predict it, here’s what I’d like to see:

A Mariposa/Aberdeen newsletter and another blog redo (I was never satisfied, but I’m never satisfied).

A rewritten version of Mariposa’s nutcracker retelling, ready for me to pitch at some agent’s head (I have bad aim though).

Another Story Embers retreat (I just like annoying Josiah).

A more talkative and confident Mariposa (that way I don’t have to talk).

A better Aberdeen (not that I need that much improvement…)

Another book written by Mariposa,

You (because you are what makes Dino’s Digest what it is).

Looking at the Present

I don’t whether everything I want will come to pass. Maybe Mariposa will finally fire me and I’ll be a homeless dinosaur. Maybe she’ll start being nice to me and feeding me right instead of those terrible first drafts. But I do know that I’ll be able to handle whatever happens, because 2019 is what is preparing me for 2020.**

*Don’t worry, I sat on him until he gave me what I wanted.

**Except spiders. I’m never prepared for spiders.

P. S. Don’t forget about the writing games going on over at https://thewritergames.weebly.com/! Even if you don’t win, I know you’re going to have a lot of fun, so why not give it try?

6 thoughts on “A Day in Mariposa’s Office: Auld Lang Saurus

  1. Sounds like an awesome year!! Aberdeen would be jealous—two years ago I found three four-leaf clovers on a walk in my neighborhood with my sisters. I lost one of them too. (hmmm..maybe another magical tendency…) The other two are dried in a little ceramic jar in my room.

    Of course. Always go to Disney to ignore life. (Or is life at Disney the real life??!!)

    Liked by 1 person

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