Your Imaginary Assistant Has Arrived: Part 4

After a short break from all the rush orders on assistants, the AAA has finally reopened and ready to fill the orders they missed! They send their best wishes to all their previous customers and hope their assistants are doing well! If not, they’d be happy to supply a new assistant at no extra charge.*

Now on to the new assistants!

Everyone, please meet Alabama’s assistant, Kion. He’s a born and bred Narnian who can warm anyone with his snuggle-worthy mane and his top-notch hot cocoa making skills.

I’d love to introduce you to Eliza’s elven children assistants, Glamorion and Celebrenthel (her friends call her Bren or Brenny). Their charm fights away all emotional monsters and conjures up the greatest inspiration for stories. The siblings come from a strange country called Thatshouldbeobviousbynow* and survive on eating nothing but lemmas bread.

This cute little traffic cone is N. C.’s assistant, Gus. He’ll stop at nothing to find a new pencil or get another piece of strawberry candy. Besides just being plain cute, he’s also an expert at directing internet traffic and telling poor confused souls where to go when they aren’t techy.

And that’s all of the assistants already! It looks like the AAA did such a great job of delivering assistants that all the orders have been filled! Hopefully they won’t go out of business…

*The AAA is not responsible for any hostile acts such as the disappearance of all your books, empty chocolate bags, or anything else committed by your previous assistant as a result of this request.

**Please pardon my sarcasm, Eliza.

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