A Day in Mariposa’s Office: We’re Going on Hiatus

Good morning, dino-mites! How was your March? Mine was terrible! I’ve never done so much writer sitting, insulting, and eating in my life.* But it was all worth it cause…


In just a little over a month, her 27k middle-grade novel grew to 38k (the most she’s ever added to a book during the editing process)!**All in all, she’s pretty happy with it. Sure, it’s not perfect yet (it’s only the second draft after all). She still needs to do some more research, unflatten some characters, fill in some plot holes, smooth out rough sentences, hack corny humor, enhance theme…so still a lot yet to be done. But not at least it’s looking like a novel rather than a pile of junk.

In other less exciting news, Mariposa and I are taking a hiatus from blogging and Instagram (she’ll still be hanging around her regular IG account though) from now until May 10th. We have some new changes and announcements coming, and that will help us finalize the last minute details. Also, due to some technical difficulties, my website may be temporarily switching from dinosdigest.com to dinosdigest.wordpress.com. Don’t worry, it’s not some hacker hijacking my blog. It’s just me. And sometime in May I will hopefully be back a regular .com blog.

*Threatening to eat writers. I didn’t actually eat any.

**Probably only because coronavirus hit and she had to find something to do.

11 thoughts on “A Day in Mariposa’s Office: We’re Going on Hiatus

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Mariposa for finishing the editing! That’s so exciting!! 🤩

    I hope you both have a wonderful hiatus, and although I’ll miss you guys, I look forward to your return! *hedgehugs…or dino-hugs, whichever you prefer* 😄

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  2. Congratulations, Mariposa, on finishing your editing!! And good job Aberdeen for helping her see it through!! I hope you guys enjoy your hiatus; see ya around 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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