The Dino Dictionary

Welcome to the first edition of the Dino Dictionary! Here you shall find the latest dinosaurian lingo, terms, and common words. This book is updated frequently, so please check back every few thousand years.

Rawr (pronunciation: rah-er): A common dinosaurian greeting with multiple translations, depending on the dialect. Possible meanings include “hello,” “good day,” and “run for your life.”

Roar (pronunciation: ror): Another dinosaur greeting similar to “rawr” but with slightly different connotations. Typically, it means “goodbye,” though it can be used as the equivalent of “good morning” or “goodnight.” The way to tell if a dinosaur is wishing you a good morning or a goodnight is by looking at the clock.

Digsite (pronunciation: dig-site): A website or blog that dinosaurs use to convey unhelpful information, sell products, connect with the human world, and ineffectively spend their time.

T. Rexiffic (pronunciation: tee-rex-i-fick): A term of coolness first coined by the notorious Tyrant Lizard King in response to receiving a lead role in Jurassic Park.

Fictionball (pronunciation: fic-shen-bol): A popular dinosaur sport similar to football, except the players toss a book instead of a ball and try to tackle other authors with marketing strategies.

Saurbucks (pronunciation: soar-buks): A huge inkshop chain selling artisan sentencewiches and handcrafted beverages.

Inkappuccino (pronunciation: impossible): A frozen or hot ink beverage blended with paper paste and used for medicinal purposes such as trying to write.

Sournovella poisoning (pronunciation: sow-er-no-vel-a poiz-on-ing): A bacterium that occurs mainly in the plots, especially a serotype causing brain poisoning.

Fossilbook (pronunciation: foss-il-book): A social network established by bored dinos to share their mundane life happenings, problems, and lunch menus.

Iguanadonram (pronunciation: igwaena-dawn-ram): A social network where dinosaurs spend one hundred hours trying to figure out how to take aesthetic book photos.

Stomper (pronunciation: stom-pur): A social network similar to Twitter dedicated to short rants by the dinosaurian public.

Authorosaurus (pronunciation: oth-ur-o-sawr-us): Means “literary lizard.” They’re typically found buried in a library or in the remains of a bookstore. They’re an extremely shy species prone to near-sightedness and death from insanity.

Createtus (pronunciation: cree-ate-tus): A period of great imagination and ingenuity followed by a period of blankness.

Drawassic (pronunciation: draw-ass-sick): The second period of dinosaur history—a time dominated by soaring the heights of the imagination.

Tryassic (pronunciation: try-ass-sick): The last period of dinosaur history where they didn’t succeed, so they tried, tried again.

Claw (pronunciation: claw): A small handheld device hooked to a computer that is dragged across a flat surface whenever a dinosaur has trouble writing.